About Coaching

Are we a match?

The reality is that if you want to WIN, you must hire the best coach for you. After all, this journey is all about YOU!
While I like to think my coaching program is awesome, some may not find it the best fit. A consultation will help determine if Integrative Wellness Coaching is for you, so call or send me an email and let?s talk!

I?ll get you dramatic results FAST if:

  • You?re stuck and need to find purpose in life and are willing to look at your entire life, holistically, instead of just one area
  • You want to break through limiting beliefs and release core issues
  • You want to create a career for yourself or excel in your current position
  • You need to manage relationships better, both personal and professional
  • You want to get out of debt and become financially secure
  • You want to become healthy, active and fit
  • You seek accountability and are?willing to move mountains to make your vision a reality

We may not jive so well if:

  • You are only interested in getting help in one specific area, such as fitness ? I prefer to work with the holistic model as described on my site
  • You are not willing to invest honest time and effort into the coaching program
  • You are not willing to take action steps to move toward your goals
  • You are experiencing mental illness and are NOT being treated by a professional

If we?re not a match, I can put you in touch with some of the best?experts in?the business! My purpose is to serve YOU!